About WBAC

WBAC was created as a website to aid the comic book enthusiasts in the UK to sell some of their unwanted comics. We understand that comics can also have sentimental value so we always take this into consideration when making an offer for a comic or comic collections. As a collector in the past myself I understand the need to move comic collections on some times and we are here to try and make that as stress free as possible. NO WAITINGNO LISTING FEES – NO FINAL SALE FEES – NO POSTAGE FEES

We are comic collectors, just me and my 11 year old son; so we love the thrill of finding comics and seeing what people have. We hate seeing people selling their comics on famous auction sites and losing up to 20% of their value to fees.

We also have aspirations of opening up a comic book store in our local area when we retire. Our goal is to compile a large collection ready to open a store when we’re to old to work anymore ?


How much do we pay?

It’s hard valuing comic collections as often people add a large amount of value due to sentimental reasons. We will buy collections of all sizes but as a seller you must be prepared to accept a bulk valuation as we are the ones taking a large risk on your collections. If you have a collection of 3000 comics and want £3000 then we will struggle to match your expectations. It’s better to be honest from the outset. ??‍♂️ Our model is based on buying bulk collections for lower amounts, which enables us to take on more comics and you to clear your collection in one swift transaction.

How will you get paid?

We mainly use PayPal as our method of payment, and we will send over your payment so no fees are incurred. We do not send over payment until the comics have been received. I’m afraid there are naughty people on the comic collecting world too. ?

From time to time we will also make a BACS payment if requested by the seller, as this is also a safe method of payment.